Andrea Ashbacher, CFP®

Financial Advisor*

Office: (760) 754-9406
Mobile: (760) 815-0801
Fax: (760) 754-9407

Andrea Ashbacher has been practicing in the financial services business since 1996. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, she reviews retirement plans, insurance coverage, estate planning, investments, and tax documents. She will compile the information and make recommendations to help clients pursue their personal financial planning goals. In addition, meetings may include other financial professionals such as estate planning attorneys, CPAs, Long Term Care specialists, and business sales consultants to assist in planning.

Andrea draws on her personal experience of being self-employed and recently divorced to bring a fresh perspective to new clients. She understands the small business owner and the unique challenges of finding time to work on the business, not just in the business. Often business owners delay saving for themselves. She helps them make a plan to save while they’re working to accumulate assets then helps them strategize their exit once their assets can replace their business income. She was self-represented during her divorce and has many tips on how to keep the costs of a divorce in check. She offers many resources to clients and believes divorce is much more than just the division of assets.

She enjoys competitive tennis, rock climbing, hiking, camping, and most outdoor activities. She likes to travel taking road trips as well as international trips. She has one cat named Walter. She volunteers regularly and has for almost 15 years  with a group that supports the poor and disabled in Tijuana. She also does pro bono financial planning occasionally.